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Concrete Amsterdam

concrete develops concepts. We develop them in architecture, interior design, urban development and brand development.

concrete unites people. We work with a team of 40 multidisciplinary creatives to help businesses and institutions.
concrete loves provoking, confusing, philosophizing, scale models, haute cuisine, burgers, and (most of all) shattering dogmas.
concrete provides solutions. No grand theories or abstract ideas. Just things that work.
concrete likes to let the work do the talking.


concrete is a generation.
We live in the air and on the move. Our offices are hotel rooms, and our meetings are everywhere. We’re flexible and multidisciplinary. We’re a generation where high and low culture mix, the rough with the chic. We’re young at heart: non-traditionalists with an eye for sketches as well as details, folk who value intuition and passion. We’re professionals without the suits, making things both beautiful and sustainable. Design that lasts, that looks good and does good.


concrete makes a difference.
Concrete thrives by redefining what’s come before. We’ve developed new categories in hotels and restaurants, retail, even pharmacies. We believe that change happens in unexpected moments. It also appears when cultures and concepts collide, which is why we love to work internationally. Doing something new doesn’t have to be difficult. Often, it’s about following your intuition and simplifying, a process that strips a concept down to its essence.


concrete works hard and travels harder.
We’re a company where nobody has a car, and everybody commutes by bike. And when we’re not on bikes, we’re in planes. concrete has worked everywhere from the U.S. to Asia. Travel is good for our brains: the more you travel, the more ideas you get. Every country we visit, every city, helps generate new concepts, new angles, new ways of looking. At concrete, we’re full-on dedicated global nomads, playing everywhere.


concrete believes that functionality has no style.
Our philosophy is no philosophy. Instead, we reinvent ourselves, adapting according to every project’s needs. After all, what works in one country or client doesn’t work for another. Our goal is to create aesthetically pleasing buildings and interiors that work, that function. Put another way, we create commercially applied functional art (though we’re not artists.) And you can see this attitude throughout our process, from the presentation to the bricks to the guest experience.


Oudezijds achterburgwal 78a

1012 DR  Amsterdam

Tel. +31(0)20 5200 200