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Studio Modijefsky is an interior architecture studio founded by Esther Stam in 2009. Its home in the centre of Amsterdam hosts an international team of architects and interior designers who provide a total creative service for spatial interventions for clients that range from hotels to boutiques and bars to spas. The ten women that currently form the studio carefully design everything that is seen, passed and touched by a visitor for the duration of their stay whether it’s five seconds or five hours.


It’s part of the studio’s ultimate goal to reinvent the way people interact with an interior. By relating design to the location’s context (whether natural or urban) and playing with the composition of texture and materials, light and routing, height and depth, sight and tactility Studio Modijefsky creates spatial experiences that surpass all expectations and create valuable new memories.


The past years have led to a project list containing interior projects in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Bar Botanique, Kanarie Club, Wyers and The Commons.


Sint Jansstraat 33

1012 HG Amsterdam

Tel.  +31 (0)20 7372688