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With a design driven by the values of beauty, sustainability, and well-being, Matteo Thun & Partners studio have created Davines Group’s (an Italian beauty company) new headquarters near Parma, Italy. built on a surface of 77,000 square meters, the Davines Village complex comprises about 11,000 square meters. the remaining area — 80% of the total area — is composed of green zones designed by renowned landscape architect Del Buono Gazerwitz. altogether, it integrates sustainable energy, waste reduction, optimization of natural resources, and saving of non-renewable ones.


The starting point – the employees’ well-being – was the key factor for inspiration in designing offices, the production department and warehouse. The idea was to create a functional village with harmonious aesthetics that could combine traditional rural architecture with innovative values, expressed around the greenhouse and the vast green spaces. Constructed with a minimum amount of masonry elements, the complex achieves great architectural transparency while providing every working station with views of the outside.


In regard to the cladding and façade solutions with titanium zinc, the Zintek technical office developed the nodes of the construction project in detail, focusing in particular on the principles of quality and functionality, and proposing technical solutions capable of fully respecting the architectonic project.


Architect:            Matteo Thun & Partners

Photo:                 Zintek Archive

Supplier:             Zintek, partner of Architectural Materials Amsterdam

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