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The reflective cube stands between the entrances of Stedelijk Museum and van Gogh Museum. A masterpiece by Buro Nord, who transformed a technical equipment room of the parking space underneath into an object that fits with the environment of the Museumplein.


‘’The idea behind this cube, refers to a concept of artist Aziz Bekkaoui. The cube is coated with a reflective chrome steel finish. The philosophy behind it is twofold: first, it is a way to deny an in essence undesirable object by absorbing the volume, via the mirrors, into the environment. On the other hand, by creating a mirror like this, the ambitious expansion of the Stedelijk and the Van Gogh Museum can be seen seen at a glance. The result is a beautiful mirrored cube, with a great attraction: passers-by, often stop to take pictures. On two sides of the cube LCD screens are integrated on which information about the museums is displayed. When nothing is displayed, they become part of the reflective surface.’’ – Buro Nord


Architect:           Buro Nord

Contractor:        Elmar staalbouw Montfoort

Photo:                Gilian Schrofer

Supplier:            Rimex, partner of Architectural Materials Amsterdam


By Roba Metals

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