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Danisch Seamen’s Church

At the water of Coolhaven in Rotterdam you can find the Danish Seamen’s church. The original building is designed by Danish architect Holger Jensen and Niels Luning Prak and opened in 1970. The only Danish Church in The Netherlands reopened in 2014 after an extensive rebuild and renovation, making the building more modern and light on both inside and outside. Hermeta succeeded to remain the characteristic look of Scandinavia and give the building a unique and robust appearance. This renovation project contains curtain wall elements, made out of Scandinavian brass material (Tombak). Nordic Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with an distinctive gold yellow color. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface begins to darken within weeks and can change to a dark brown in a year.


Oxidation process

The natural development of copper and brass patina is one of copper’s unique characteristics. Copper is a naturally-occurring element in the environment. Within a few days of exposure to the atmosphere, the surface of Nordic Standard copper and Nordic Brass begins to oxidize. During this process the color changes from the ‘’bright’’ mill finish to a chestnut brown, which gradually darkens over several years to a chocolate brown. After the initial coloring in different shades of brown, a patina forms over time with shades varying from yellow-green to blue-green. Thus, continued weathering can result in development of the distinctive green patina – or blue in coastal locations. The Danish Seamen’s Church is a perfect example of the natural patination process. Years later, the yellow color of Nordic Brass has changed into a darker brown shade.


This oxide or patina layer also provides impressive protection against corrosion and can repair itself if damaged, defining the exceptional longevity of copper and brass cladding. Copper and brass materials don’t need additional technical maintenance, like paint, making it a very durable and versatile product. Furthermore, copper is infinitely recyclable and also known for its hygienic character.



Design freedom with Nordic Copper
Aurubis has developed a unique Nordic Copper range, which offers designers and architects unparalleled design freedom. Next to standard copper and brass materials, the Nordic Copper range also include factory-applied surface treatments to provide the various stages of oxidation and patination straightaway. The processes involved are very similar to those taking place over time in the environment and utilize copper mineral compounds, not invasive chemical treatments. All Nordic Copper form an integral part of the copper and are not coating or paint. All copper products are manufactured by recycled raw-material.


The range of Nordic Copper is displayed in AMA. Visit our showroom to discover these unique materials.


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