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This luxurious resort is located by the water in the center of National Park Oosterschelde. The resort offers unique water villas, a small harbor, beach and a center building where you can find the reception, hotel apartments, catering facilities, shops and wellness spaces. The roofs of all the villas and the center building are installed with titanium zinc from Zintek. The roofs of the villas are covered with natural zinc, while the center building has a combination of natural and earth brown colored zinc.


Michel van den Bogaard and Evert Pronk from BINT architecten designed the center building of the park. AMA asked Michel and Evert a few question about this special project in Tholen.


How did the design arise?

The design for the center building is based on three main directions that extend to the surrounding landscape while the arms of the building, which are at an angle of 12 degrees, provide an inviting gesture. With this detail in mind, you are literally received from all sides with ‘open arms’ in the center of the holiday park. The center building is a large atrium made of glass from which you can see the landscape from all corners to explains it’s functionality. Visitors will feel immediately at home and know where to find everything.



What inspired you for the design?

The design is dictated by the rules from the development plan, like ridge heights and gutter heights. Furthermore, we exploited the beautiful landscape and its location as far as possible. The hotel rooms all have a stunning view and still provide privacy. This makes the building attractive all around.



Which challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge were the logistics and in particularly the residual waste. Because we didn’t want any back sides for the building, we created a special basement under the building for buffering. Garbage trucks can reach the basement via a ramp to collect the waste.



Which component of this project is most special for you?

Everything has been done well and thoroughly, both interior and exterior, and this has resulted in a very nice cohesion.



How did you chose the materials?

The base of the park was already made from wood and zinc. Because this fits our portfolio really well, we were comfortable with this choice. The brown colored roof of the restaurant is a special addition to the building.



Why did you chose zinc as roofing material?

All the water villas are made with zinc roofs. Zinc blends in nicely with the air, which makes this material ideal to fit in with the surroundings.



About BINT

At BINT, every project is unique. The precise nature of the architectural appearance should be achieved in a balanced and measured way. Similarities between their projects consist out of clear and powerful concepts, laboriously constructed designs and the close cooperation with the customers. BINT created spaces where people can spend their precious free time.



Architect:           BINT architecten
Installer:             Gebr. Lemmen, Maatwerk in Zink
Photo:                MooiBeeld
Supplier:            Zintek, partner of Architectural Materials Amsterdam

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