Casper Schwarz Architects

Stadhuis Purmerend

Project: Cityhall Purmerend

Locatie: Purmerend

Omvang: 8.000m2

Opdrachtgever: Municipality Purmerend

Opleverdatum: 01-01-2016

Sector: Local government


A well-organized workplace fusion

Just like many other municipalities, Purmerend had a task to cut down on her housing costs. Limiting the number of square meters of office space is a logical first step. On one hand, this results in limitations, but on the other hand it offers opportunities to redevelop the organization and its workspace differently. Casper Schwarz Architects specializes in developing workspace concepts in which processes, functions, and coalitions fuse, innovate and expand in a dynamic manner. Both internal and external cross-links are facilitated by the new interior layout. Inviting to cooperate and easy to communicate. By creating different zones, layers and security levels, we merged a natural flow in the use of the available spaces and facilities. It was key to create a concept that gave every individual, every department and every management the freedom and space to work in its own best interest. To do so we work closely with a team of stakeholders and reviewed every choice during the design process.


In terms of atmosphere, we created a complete make-over with industrial loft style informal meeting spaces, connectivity lead open workspaces, transparent yet quiet silent areas and an inviting work café for both the employees and the city hall visitors. All with a quality look and feel but never excessively showing off.


After the city hall of Alphen this is the second city hall that  Casper Schwarz Architects transformed into an inspiring work environment, with explicit attention to natural use and behavior. The experiences are very positive and it is noted that the new interior actually influences the internal cooperation and the general well-being of the employees.


After completing the workspaces a second project was conducted: the council chamber has been completely renewed.


Project architects: Casper Schwarz, Plamen van Dijk

3D by LTD interieurstudio


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