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Anne & Max Leidschendam

In Mall of The Netherland in Leidschendam the 300m2 space with connection to the food court and with an outside terrace is the largest franchise store by Anne&Max. The large concrete space needed spatial adaptations to become an inviting place where you feel at home. Studio JAAF developed the interior concept and complete interior design for Anne&Max Leidschendam.


Anne&Max, your living room in the city.

“You are welcome every day. For breakfast, coffee, lunch, high tea or savory snacks in the afternoon. We work with fresh, authentic and healthy products. Above all, we want to be a living room in the city, a place where you can be at home any time of the day.”


The mission of Anne&Max is to surprise their guests with pure and honest products that are prepared with care and served with genuine enthusiasm. The quality and honesty of their food together with being a place where you can feel at home should be reflected in the interior. The interior concept is built on these values.


Studio JAAF developed an interior brand guide together with stylist Kim de Groot. The brand guide contains the various rooms that Anne&Max consists of. Whether it’s working concentratedly in the study room with its bookshelves and large reading table whilst drinking a cup of coffee, or catching up with friends in the living room with a glass of wine on the sofa. For every mood and use there will be a suitable room with the right atmosphere and possibility. The typologies of the various rooms were researched and defined. Quality and honesty were reflected by the choice of using honest materials. Along with the research it translated to spatial elements, colours and materials per room and how the rooms related to each other.

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