Vondelgym East + West

Voldelgym is a fitness concept created by Dutch TV personality Arie Boonsma. More like a sports club and less like a gym, Vondelgym has a unique social atmosphere where members can feel the energy of other classes. After designing the first location in Amsterdam West, we brought the community east-side. The new gym is housed in the old headquarter of Dutch newspaper Trouw, Workout benches replace the printing presses,  and the sweat is dripping where the ink once flowed. 


We approached the Vondelgym East location with a hospitality mindset. The space is designed as a social hangout – instead of dropping for a beer, you drop for a workout. Many conventional gyms are clinical and solitary places. Vondelgym on the other hand, is a real community of people who share the same goal. The interior is inspired by the communal energy of old-school boxing gyms and raw basement-like spaces that pepper Amsterdam. The layout is open and transparent, blending different workout areas and promoting a lively, slightly hectic vibe. 


The focal bar is the dynamic meeting hub for the Vondelgym fitness family. The bar is surrounded by reading tables and lounges where members can stick around, have a shake and catch up. Interlaced hooks partition the bar without blocking visibility and give a subtle nod to vintage gym vernacular. 


This nostalgic yet contemporary juxtaposition is also visible in the interior palette. The industrial, distinctly urban space is contrasted with warm and natural materials. They include a salvaged flooring from an old gym and reclaimed bricks that are given a contemporary touch with a layer of mesh. The changing rooms add a touch of urban wellness with a clean look, accented by an attention-grabbing circular bench coated with brass. These different textures purposefully defy typical gym finishes, creating a lively social spot for healthy lifestyle.


Rembrandtplein 17-2

1017 CT Amsterdam

Tel. +31 (0) 20 7740117




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