MOON the revolving restaurant

MOON, the revolving restaurant located on the 19th floor of the A’DAM Toren offers a unique fine dining experience with a spectacular 360˚ panorama of Amsterdam.

The revolving restaurant is an immersive experience that is completely unique to the capital city, taking the customer on an orbiting journey of discovery during their dining experience. MOON makes one orbit every hour, ensuring an ever-changing panoramic view.


The floor planis divided into 4 parts, each segment has a screen which is a story telling point that reinforces the idea that you are on a rotating journey. It also helps you find your way back to your seat!

Around the lift core, TANK designed a dark galaxy. A moody, refined and elegant atmosphere is created using black steel wall panels, a textured black concrete floor, and is offset with reflective mirror and glass highlights. This is complemented with occasional brass accents and warm lighting.

The revolving seating area is raised to allow for the machinery underneath. This zone is in complete contrast to the core. It has an earthy, natural, light and outdoor feel to it. TANK designed the wood seating benches in rib-like sections to accentuate the fanning effect of the circular perimeter as it opens up to the view. The seating uses a warm, textured pallet of wood, leather and fabric. 

Iconic graphic elements were incorporated into the interior with 4 black steel screens at each implied compass point, hung above the bench seating. The steel tubes and wires resemble both the moon orbit cycles, and guitar and violin strings, a subtle hint to the musical DNA of A’DAM.

The kitchen is designed as an impressive steel monolith that reaches out from the dark core towards the guests that pass by leisurely.

A rotating menu is designed to change with the moon cycles by Signature chef Jaimie van Heije and chef de cuisine Tommy den Hartog. Specialized in classical dishes with a modern twist, they use carefully sourced, local seasonal ingredients.

Every 8 weeks they join forces with a local music celebrity with a love for good food to combine a new bedazzling menu.


Rembrandtplein 17-2

1017 CT Amsterdam

Tel. +31 (0) 20 7740117




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